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Senior Spotlight Nomination

Each month, we will shine a light on one of the members of our Senior Center. These individuals will be honored for their service to the City and/or Center, for commitment to their family and/or friends, to noteworthy accomplishments, or just because we want to honor all of you!

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Recipe Submission

As part of the on-going effort to teach Teresa how to cook, we are asking you to send recipes our way! Although we can't print them all, we can add them to our online recipe database. Once a year, we plan to compile all submissions for an annual Senior Center Cookbook. Tried and true dishes or new recipes - we are excited to share them with each other!

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Senior Story Submission

We want to hear YOUR story! Using the provided theme, write a short story, essay, reflection, or opinion piece. These can be in any form you like (under 800 words) and may be kept anonymous. The Senior Board will choose one story a month to publish.

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