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See below for a list of exercise and wellness services and activities offered. At this time, only essential and one-on-one appointments are available. If you have suggestions for future activities, don't hesitate to reach out!

Yoga Stretches


Chair yoga, yoga for balance and strength, relaxation or meditation - we have classes offered for every experience level and for several different needs!

Tai Chi

Tai Chi / Taiji Fit

We offer both traditional Tai Chi as well as a TaijiFit program. These classes are intended to focus on your breath as you bring your mind and body together as one.

Senior Therapy

Strength Training

“Senior Fit” (Body Sculpting designed for Seniors) involves exercises for: Back and Shoulders (exercises using weights); Legs (cardiovascular involving Lunges and Squats with or without weights); Chest & Abdominals (performed on a mat on the floor involving crunches, and other exercises); Arms (usually involve different forms of curls, using weights).

Outdoor Aerobics


Get your heart rate up and your feet moving as the group is led through a series of exercises designed for a senior audience.

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Keep your feet happy and healthy with a monthly visit from Dr. Kelly Whaley, our podiatrist. She will trim your toenails, treat your calluses and corns, and help you get back on your feet, free of pain.

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Reiki aids in healing virtually every known illness of body, mind, and spirit. Reiki is deeply relaxing and promotes a sense of well-being which increases the rate of recovery. A reiki treatment is a light, hands-off process. Reiki compliments traditional medicine by aiding in the healing process and helping to reduce the side effects of such things as pharmaceuticals, chemo, and radiation therapy.



Let the mind chatter stop while you receive the healing benefits of reflexology coupled with aromatherapy. Reflexology massages your hands and feet and aromatherapy massages your senses with the use of wonderful smelling essential oils.

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Light Therapy

Non-invasive Light Therapy decreases pain and inflammation while enhancing overall wellbeing and speeding up wound healing and increasing circulation.

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Massage offers wonderful physical and emotional benefits to your health. Massage has been shown to relieve physical pains in the lower back, neck, and shoulders as well as reduce migraines, soothe muscles, and help with arthritis. Emotionally, massage reduces stress, anxiety, and tension.


Fitness Center

Our Fitness Room offers six machines for use by Senior only.

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Polarity is a form of bodywork that combines acupressure (NOT acupuncture), light stretching, energy work, and more to help you feel relaxed, energized and heal minor ailments (joint, neck, or hip pain, arthritis, sciatica).

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