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Rental Period

The time required to set-up and clean up is to be included in the hourly rental fee. 

It's the responsibility of the renter to set the room up and return it to the condition in which it was found. 

The employee is bound by the terms of the rental agreement and is NOT authorized to make modifications. 

Should the rental extend beyond the time stated in the rental agreement, a fee of $50/thirty minutes is deducted from the security deposit, as monitored by the employee.

If the rental ends prior to the time stated in the rental agreement, the renter is not reimbursed for the unused time. 

All rentals are a minimum of two hours, booked in full hourly increments. 

Set-up and Clean-up

Set-up and clean-up are the responsibility of the renter. Tables and chairs may be arranged according to the renter's needs.

Clean-up includes: 

Cleaning tables and chairs

Vacuuming carpeted rooms; dry dusting non-carpeted rooms; mopping as needed

Returning all tables and chairs to proper storage

Removal of all trash to the outside dumpster (trash bags provided)

Removal of all food and ice that was brought in. Leave nothing behind.

If a renter fails to clean up after themselves, a fee of $50/thirty minutes will be deducted from the security deposit for cleaning after the rental has ended.


Nails, staples, tape, or thumbtacks may not be used to secure decorations inside or outside of the Community Center.

Artwork may not be removed or rearranged. 

Kitchen Use

Food may be reheated. Cooking is prohibited (boiling water/baking/frying).


Microwave, refrigerator, and freezer are available.

All food and ice must be removed upon departure. 

Indoor rentals have access to the kitchen. If multiple rentals occur simultaneously, kitchen use is shared. 


Renter may provide or allow the presence or consumption of alcohol, within the confines of the Community Center or the Pavilion, provided the alcohol is without fee and in strict compliance with all the laws in the State of Ohio and the City of Kirtland. Every rental that serves alcohol must have an off-duty Kirtland Police Officer hired. Please see the front desk for more information.

All persons must be able to prove their age to the Police Officer if asked. All guests must keep alcoholic beverages within the confines of the Community Center building or Pavilion. Any person who cannot act responsibly with alcohol will be told to leave by the Police Officer. Any person may be removed for public intoxication or inappropriate behavior at any time and at the sole discretion of the Police Officer and/or the Kirtland Police Department.


Renter is responsible for the overall behavior of all guests during the reservation period. Any obscenities, lewd, obscene, or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Any use of obscenities may result in the person(s) and or entire function being asked to leave the premises.

Gambling and Fundraising

Ohio law prohibits the use of the Kirtland Community Center for gambling purposes. If you have questions as to whether your activity while in the utilization of the premises constitutes gambling, or games of chance, please check the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 2915 ( or the office of the Ohio Attorney General, Charitable Law Section, 150 E. Gay Street, 23rd Floor, Columbus, OH 43215, phone (800) 282-0515. It is the responsibility of the renter to verify that the renter's activities, at all times while utilizing the Community Center premises, are in full compliance with the applicable gambling or gaming laws and signature to this rental agreement is the renter's acknowledgment of his/her or its acceptance of that responsibility and further constitutes a statement of renter's intention to, at all time while on the premises, be in full compliance with those laws. For-Profit fundraisers are prohibited. Any violation of the state or federal gambling laws on the Community Center premises will results in an immediate termination of its use and forfeiture of the rental fee.

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